Results or Excuses? Choose One


Are you struggling to find the energy for physical activities or always too tired to play with your kids, blaming age? Do you experience that nagging soreness in your back or persistent knee pain and tightness in your hips? Your body is telling you something. If you believe pain free living is only for the young, you're wrong! 

Our methods progressively improve health, relieve common aches and pains, and develop physical ability, capability, and possibility! We emphasize the importance of proper nutrition and regeneration as significant components to your success. We believe consistent exposure to purposeful training is the optimal route to efficiently and effectively delivering your goals!



Rehabilitation and pilates


By meeting you where you are - mentally, physically and emotionally, we partner together to work through any pain or discomfort throughout your body. We prepare your body to develop strength, balance and endurance while decreasing pain and increasing mobility. 



The benefits of improved cardiovascular health are endless. Along with increased metabolism, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing cholesterol/blood pressure and increasing energy, you'll also help stave off diseases related to the heart and diabetes.



As well as training your muscle, building those bulging biceps and toning your abs, strength training will also protect your joints, help build and maintain balance and mobility, help to burn and keep off that unwanted fat, help prevent injury and avoid degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.   


Bridging the gap between physical therapy and performance in Melbourne.

We are an inner city based personal training and pilates studio, catering to busy urban professionals. We can help you focus your mind, strengthen your body and help you accomplish your desired goals.


Personal Training

Sixty minutes of pure devotion to redefining how you feel inside and out. We take take a holistic approach to personal training using functional and Pilates methods. Our strictly private sessions are designed for people who are devoted to achieving long lasting and life changing results. Our programming will not only change you physically, it will educate you along the way.



The Pilates training method is focused on strengthening abdominal and trunk muscles—called the “core". It also improves your posture and helps you control your movements through dozens of very specific movement patterns.

Pilates does this in part by reinforcing the bond between your mind and your muscles, helping you engage the right muscles in your core at the right time. This leads to better posture and control over your body's movements.

But it's easy to do Pilates incorrectly; most of us are like puppy dogs, moving without much attention to our posture. And what happens then is the discomfort starts.

We offer only private Pilates sessions because we believe that they are needed if you want to experience the full benefits of the Pilates method. Good form is essential and can only be achieved through accurate personalised instruction by a certified practitioner, such as we provide.


Off site program design

Do you spend time at a gym grinding through exercises (gathered from fitness magazines or videos of 'professional' athletes on YouTube) with the creeping suspicion that a properly designed training program would bring you much better results? Or are you unsure whether you are doing the exercises correctly?

Let us design a program just for you so you can begin to train with confidence and see results rather than just sweat.

With this membership we include a one off 90 minute full body and fitness assessment and each month a 60 minute coaching session, where EVERYTHING is explained and taught to you PERSONALLY. This is not online coaching. You will have direct contact with your trainer.  Using we track your progress and modify your program as you develop.


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