Hamilton Fitness - A boutique Personal Training Studio in Carlton on the northern fringe of Melbourne's CBD. A fresh and progressive approach to post-rehabilitation, goal-oriented strength training. Our cutting-edge open style studio provides the ultimate environment to achieve your  fitness & weight loss goals.


Having the goal of being the anti-gym in every way imaginable, Kane has reinvented the personal training experience in Melbourne. Rather than having gobs of members that we hoped didn’t show up, we wanted a smaller circle that we can fully invest our efforts on. We don’t have an assembly line where we churn large groups of strangers every 45 minutes, we wanted a place where people we consider friends could come in and follow a program designed and customized for the individual because we know your history, strengths and limitations.

That’s why no session exceeds 4 people!

It is our mission to create a safe and supportive environment where you will learn, work your ass off and reach your goals faster! We strive to build you up as opposed to tearing you down. We don’t want you to only be stronger and confident, we also;

·       Improve your form and balance

·       Correct your movements

·       Promote perfect posture

·       Increase your flexibility

·       Carry lean body weight

Kane uniquely shapes his strength-conditioning programs to build lean muscle, move pain free and increase energy levels.

Hamilton Fitness is here to help people that need to improve their health, fitness and energy levels. Don’t know where to start or have tried it all before? Back/Neck Pain preventing you? It doesn’t matter, you’ll get personalized attention you need to address these areas.

Those who commit to this program (especially small business owners, parents juggling multiple roles, and professionals in demanding industries, such as finance, teaching, accounting and marketing) will feel confident in their body again, you’ll be able to keep up with your kids, love your significant other, enjoy life and crush it at work!

In turn, that inspires everyone else to improve. Your confidence is inspirational and infectious because you work hard and know there’s no quick fix. You know if it’s popular, it’s probably bullshit!

In life you get only one body, look after it!


 Mission statement


Our Mission is to disrupt the health, fitness and wellness space by doing things differently. Where most gyms/studios want clients to sign and then hope not turn up, we require our members to commit 3 times a week minimum. Our aim as coaches are to become progressively, unnecessary.

Our goal is to educate people about their bodies so moving forward they know exactly what is required and then apply what they have learnt to maintain a fit, strong and energetic body and positive mindset.

Training and management of the body is a skill that we educate and guide all our members to develop this valuable, but often neglected asset. This is so our members can move forward in life confident in their bodies and have a clear understanding of what’s required to live a pain free, energetic and fun filled life.

When a member has the skills, confidence and discipline to leave and apply what they have learnt on their own, we know that we have accomplished our goal!

''I started doing pilates with Kane after running a 100 mile race and sustaining a chronic hip injury. Kane was quick to identify what the problem was and set about a plan to fix my body's imbalances. A few months into working with Kane I tested my hip on a mountainous 100km run. I had no pain.
What I loved most about Kane's programming is that it was targetted, specific, personalised and we regularly measured my progress and made adjustments to ensure continued progress.
I would recommend Kane's programming to anyone who has been dealing with old chronic injuries. He taught me that you do not need to live with pain - that there are solutions.''
                    Tash S


"I've worked with Kane for a few years now, and I've never been healthier. He's friendly, funny, and super informed. He's helped me work through a couple of chronic injuries that I'd previously resigned myself to living with, and I'm now pain free.
I confidently recommend working with Kane."

Matt F

''Kane has been my pilates instructor for over a year now. I came to him to rectify an ongoing issue with my lower back and poor shoulder positioning. His professionalism and extensive knowledge of fitness and anatomy/physiology has helped me to improve my posture and flexibility. Not only am I more flexible but I am stronger, more toned and my balance has improved. I find each session instructive, physically demanding and yet quite relaxing. Kane has the ability to constantly think outside the box to keep me engaged and interested. I feel I am learning something new. He is passionate about fitness and it shows through the enthusiasm he brings to every session which are always both challenging and fun. I recommend him without reservation.''
Carolina M 

Kane Hamilton

Kane is a fitness enthusiast and a "your body is your temple" type. He can still beat the neighborhood in table tennis because his forehand remains bad-ass! He can bake the hell out of a chicken pie and a master of spices to keep those steamed veggies interesting.

Kane has dabbled in triathlon, trial, yoga, CrossFit, Pilates, Olympic lifting, power lifting, kettlebells, strongman, rock climbing and swing dancing.

Holder of a diversified training background that brings a unique product to his clients, his fitness educational background includes courses and certification in personal training, Clinical Pilates, CrossFit, gymnastics, kettlebells and strongman.

For years being heavily involved in all kinds of strength training, Kane discovered the resources needed to rehabilitate his body through Pilates. It had such a profound effect on his body that he has now forged a career out of it through combining both clinical rehabilitation and strength training.

Kane enjoys teaching motivated but overwhelmed individuals the importance of adopting an integrative and simple approach to their health and fitness, so they can reach their goals in and outside the gym.

His passion is making complex information and methods easily digestible and understandable for everyone he influences - and drinking great coffee! He is also a closet nerd with all things Star Wars and did I mention he can bake a great chicken pie!



-Cert 3&4 in Fitness

-ISSA Elite Trainer

-ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

-ISSA Strength & Conditioning

-Precision Nutrition Level 1

-Kinetic Link Trainer Level 1

-Movement Restoration Coach (MRC) Level 3

-Breathe Diploma of Clinical Pilates

-Breathe Cert 4 in Pilates

-Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science (current)